Thursday, December 9, 1999


Tipton back under 8-ball

Tipton has gotten one of its landmarks back.
The city has repainted an 8-ball on one of its water towers, according to city clerk Jennifer Schmidt.
The water tower was originally constructed by Fischer Pool Tables while the company was making pool tables in Tipton. The tower was constructed for fire protection.
Fischer manufactured tables in Tipton from 1949 until 1977, when the building and water tower were sold to Fasco. Fasco painted its own logo on the tower.
Fasco gave the tower to the city in 1989 and said they didn't want their logo to remain, so the city painted the tower white.
Over the past few years, the tower has been in need of repainting, Schmidt said.
"City residents said they wanted their landmark back," Schmidt said.
Because the tower was in need of repair and repainting, the decision was made to repaint the 8-ball.
"Everyone's excited," Schmidt said.
"We had to make repairs to the tank, so we decided to take the plunge."
The paint job is expected to be complete by early next week



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