World's Largest Kachina


Carefree, Arizona

The World's Largest Kachina sits outside of a residential development that seems just like every other residential development. When there, I noticed a small sign that said “For Sale - 40 Ft. Kachina” followed by a phone number. Naturally curious, I called while in Phoenix waiting for a friend to arrive at the airport. The seller had a great story - the gist is, the development wants to force him out. He owns the store front and the Kachina, they want immenant domain. His asking price ($400,000) is mostly to cover his legal fees, and to spite the subdivision with all the homeowners rules and business tactics designed to push out the original people who developed the area.


World's Largest Kachina Stats

Reinforced concrete, made in 4 sections, removable
40 feet tall
built by: a well-known artist of the area...
(can't find notes currently - when I find the pile from 2002, I'll post the rest, as well as a more complete story behind the seller...)


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