World's Largest Kokopelli


Camp Verdi, Arizona

The World's Largest Kokopelli sits in front of a souvenier shop amongst the typical array of highway exit stops, created in an effort to lure travelers and tourists in to the parking lot of the Trading Post. I had originally posted a short, critical critique of the object, but have had some great information come in from a reader:

As it happens, The giant statue is made from hand shaped and welded steel...not vinyl. The idea is that of Lowell Johnson, the then owner of what at the time was the Montezuma Trading Post. Prior to the kokopelli, there sat a hot pink 1920's automobile to lure travelers in. Johnson, a local business man and owner of the Oak Creek Terrace Resort brought in an experienced blacksmith/artist and sketched out the design right on the sales counter. Made of 1/4 inch plate steel, the hand shaping and welding of the structure took weeks as the 12 cubic yard cement foundation cured. The statues instrument houses a speaker that plays music to visitors at they shop. At the end of the project, the cost passed $25,000. For a while, there was a price tag hung in the event an interested buyer happened along.

These are the facts, as I was there.

Sincerely, D. N.

This just in from another Kokopelli fan - Regarding the kokopelli in Arizona:

My brother, Gerry Berg, is the artist and I have more information for you. You will want to correct some of the information on that page...

Thank you so much for the information! It deserved more attention than the original descriptive post...



World's Largest Kokopelli Stats

sheet steel, over $25,000.


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