World's Largest Swedish Coffeepot


Kingsburg, California

The World's Largest Swedish Coffeepot - a beautiful example of Watertower World's Largest manifestations. The town itself was geared towards the whole "Lil' bit o' Sweden", with the requisite Dala horses and almost-polka music over the very tidy downtown.

The Coffeepot itself hovered over one of the many public parks in the area, right next to the historical downtown, behind the firestation. Seemed to be a popular high school lunch hangout, too.

Kingsburg took full advantage of its World's Largest Things, with information available at the Chamber of Commerce, postcards, and an informative plaque at the base of the tower.

Very pleasant town, and good coffee (important if you are actually trying to serve a Swede...)

From the Chamber of Commerce Brochure: The Kingsburg District Chamber of Commerce certainly created a memorable symbol of friendliness in 1985 when it gave it’s 1911 vintage water tower a make-over. New England Sheet Metal fabricated the handle and spout. Blanche Ulrich of Kingsburg designed the decorative floral motifs, or KURBITS. They are in the style of Swedish peasant painting (DAMALNING) called RATTVIK. The 122 ft tall ‘coffee pot’ is illuminated at night and visible for miles around.



World's Largest Swedish Coffeepot Stats

From the plaque at the base: Chamber of Commerce Project 1985 Kingsburg is a Unique Community. To reflect the heritage, and friendliness of it’s citizens, this water tower is being displayed as a coffee pot. In memory of: Peter A. and Christine Sandell, Walter and Victor Sandell, Annie Hauey Contributed by: Stella Crouch – Myrtle Hoeffler, Charles Crouch – Pearl Halford Water Tank Specifications: Manyufactured by: PDM Steel Company, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Date of Manufacture: 1911 Height: 122 feet, Capacity 60,000 US Gallons, Diameter: 19 feet


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