World's Largest Paper Cup


Riverside, California

The World's Largest Paper Cup was a surprise stop for me - I had planned on avoiding the LA area, but dipped down to this area on the way through. I got there just as the sun was setting, so barely had time to get a photo before dark. Unfortunately, I donít know the near future for the Paper Cup - the building seemed to be taken over for another purpose, with a furniture liquidation sale going on inside. The logo on the cup had been painted over, as well as original sineage from the building taken down. The man in the little security booth didnít know what industry had been there (but he guessed it had something to do with making paper cups), or who to contact. I've had many emails from people of the area informing me that it's The Lily Tulip Paper Cup company - Angela's mom used to work there (Thanks for the tip!) Another collosus of the road in limbo. I hear thereís another one in Kentucky.


World's Largest Paper Cup Stats

Way over three stories - that's a warehouse/manufacturing building right behind it, for scale. Painted concrete. Thatís all I got.

UPDATE: Just got an email from a Riverside resident - it used to have the teal splash logo found on most Dixie cups - so, I'm assuming this was a Dixie Cup manufacturer, but take that with a grain of salt.

Hey - how 'bout moving it a little closer to a giant coffeepot? I know of quite a few...


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