World's Largest YoYo


Chico, California

The World's Largest Yoyo is located in the National Yo-Yo Museum, which is located in a store named “Bird in Hand”. While I was there, the museum itself was being renovated, but the Yoyo was in full view. A nice Yoyo enthusiast (and expert flinger) told me all about it…

It is in the Guinness Book of World Records, mostly because it actually works. Some other Yoyos made were technically larger, but don’t actually ‘Yo’. This one was first used over the bay (which bay, I forgot to ask, but assumed San Francisco) in 1996 using an 80 ft. crane. It’s traveled the world, but rests in the Museum as Chico is the site for the National Championships every year.



World's Largest YoYo Stats

75 foot string, 250 pounds, 50 inches high, 31.5 inch width, 5.5 foot diameter.

Conceived by Dr. Tom Kuhn, San Francisco
Replica of No Jive 3 in 1 Yoyo
Construction: Body – California Sugar pine, Face – Baltic birch, Axle sleeve – Hardrock Maple, Axle Rod and Hex nut – steel
Built by Haas Wood and Ivory Works – Trademarks by Thomas – Swan Signs, San Francisco

I'll post more as I get information.


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