World's Largest Doctors Bag


Wilmington Delaware

Here's another great "Have you seen (fill in the blank)?" story - while returning from The Garden State after visiting Lucy the Margate Elephant, I was run off the road by two young excited teenage boys. They weren't being mean, just excited...

After pulling off into a parking lot, they got out of the turck, and sidled up to the bus. Caps sideways, baggy pants with BVD tops showing, loose-jointed arms flapping gang signs, they greeted me with a string of profanity - Once again, not mean, just excited...

I've inserted the words "Shoot" and "Fluff" in lieu of the original text...

"Holy Shoot .. what the fluff is this! Shoot, man, you fluffin' drive around the fluffin' country?!? Man, that's the shoot!! Have you seen this big fluffin' bag, man, right over there bigger'n' shoot, man - I mean it, fluff !"

"Where is it?"

"Shoot, man, it's off the fluffin' highway, all ol' an' rusty n' shoot, fluff you can't miss it. Shoot, it's just over there!"

"I gotta fluffin' World's Smallest Truck - wanna see it?"

Then they got in their little white truck, turned on the hydrolics, and dropped it to the pavement. Pumped it up again, bounced twice, and tore away.

So, I found the World's Largest Doctor's Bag, just outside a newly built medical center. As far as WL Things go, this one is a beauty - metal sheets formed and rusted into a perfect replica, including hinges, handles, latches, etc. There's a stethescope hanging out and over the edges, with contrasting materials that just pop. It's the best secret World's Largest Thing ever.


World's Largest Doctor's Bag Stats:

The only information I have came from a metal tag on the bottom:

Ferguson Metal Fabrication, Staunton Verginia, J C(?)stnu(?), J (?)a(?)vell, Ferguson

It's big. Approximately 10'x14'x6'. Steel.


I'll post more as I get information.
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