The Cabin Home in the Garden of Eden


S.P. Dinsmoore, Lucas, Kansas

And here is the girl after the soldier. I know that is right. I was a soldier once myself. They are after the soldiers today, but she does not know that the trust has got her around the waist with one claw, another claw has got the soldier's haversack. You get the man's grub you have got him. Another claw has the kid, another bonds, another sack of interest. Another claw has the north pole. Cook and Peary discovered it and they are playing it to us in the piture shows. Another claw is coming over the globe after the Panama canal. Here is North and South America and Panama canal cut through, they haven't got it but are after it and probably will get it. Another claw is coming around that limb after more chartered rights and on that sign board are the things that we have chartered away. Money, transporation, manufacturing, coal, oil, land and lumber, we have chartered away, which has gone to the trusts. The trusts stand on chartered rights. Take away the chartered rights of any trusts or monopoly on earth and it would melt like a snow all below. But we are granting more chartered rights, creating more monopolies and then we are whining over the trusts. Aren't we a fool set of voters? They are protected by the Star Spangled Banner. That flag protects capital today better than it does humanity. It drafted the boys but asked the money to volunteer. See the difference?

Here is the next tree bringing down civilization as I think it should be. There is the Goddess of Liberty with one foot on the trusts and a spear in her hand going through the head of the trusts. The trusts' claws are getting nothing. Down below is a man and woman with a cross-cut saw marked ballot, sawing off the chartered rights limb that the trust stands on. That shows how we can get away with the trusts and if we don't get away with them with the ballot, they will be shot away with the bullet, as they were in Russia. They are getting too big. They have got all our sugar. Under this tree is a strawberry bed and I have stubs growing up joining the tree above, to set out vines that will crawl around without getting on my strawberry bed. Say! that tree will be a beauty. I want to see it in about ten or fifteen years from now. I may be in the Mausoleum. If I am, some dark night I will slip out and take a look at it, or, some other people will see it which will be just the same.

This is my coal house and ash pit, with Labor crucified above. I believe Labor has been crucified between a thousand grafters ever since Labor begun, but I could not put them all up, so I have put up the leaders - Lawyer, Doctor, Preacher and Banker. I do not say they are all grafters, but I do say they are the leaders of all who eat cake by the sweat of the other fellow's face. The Lawyer interprets the law. The Doctor has his knife and saw ready to carve up the bones. The preacher is saying to this poor fellow cricified, "Never mind your suffering here on earth, my friend, never mind your suffering here, secure home in heaven for A-l-l E-t-e-r-n-i-t-y and you'll be all right.: This is the stuff he is giving Labor for his cake. He knows nothing about Eternity and that he does know if he knows anything. What fools we be to sweat to give the other fellow cake. The Banker has the money, takes the interest and breaks up more people than any other class.


from S.P. Dinsmoore's "Pictorial History of The Cabin Home in Garden of Eden Lucas, Kansas"


from S.P. Dinsmoore's "Pictorial History of The Cabin Home in Garden of Eden Lucas, Kansas"


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