World's Largest Strawberry


Strawberry Point, Iowa

What could be more appropriate - the World's Largest Strawberry at Strawberry Point, Iowa. According to some early press, after it's initial installation iat the city offices, the strawberry fell from it's photogenic perch in a high wind. Originally a JayCees project (what exactly are jay-cees, anyway? I know what they do, just not why they're called what they're called... UPDATE - Junior Chamber of Commerce - J.C.- JayCees!), the city spent a pretty penny getting the strawberry back to it's original glory.

While taking the meta-photos, I had a couple of people stop in the below-freezing weather to ask where I got the replica.



World's Largest Strawberry Stats

From the postcard:
Population 1463 - Hiway 3 & 13
Old Mission Road
Dubuque to Fort Atkinson
Established 1841
"Home of the world's Largest Strawberry"
Fifteen feet high, twelve feet across
Gateway to Backbone State Park and the Little Switzerland of America

April 2008 update - from the Email In-Box:
The strawberry in Strawberry Point, Iowa was designed and built by Harold Lange of East Dubuque, Illinois while he was emplyed at Frank Hardie in Dubuque.

Thanks for the tip!


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