World's Largest Electric Shovel


West Mineral, Kansas

Biggest Attraction in Southeastern Kansas! From the brochures:
Designed and built by Bycyrus-Erie for the Pittsburs and Midway coal Mining Co., the 1850-B, one of the world's Two Largest Shovels, is an engineering accomplishment. the years prior to construction, such a project would not have been considered feasible. Today, larges capacity excavating machines have not only proven to be feasible, but absolutely essential in order to be in a competitive positionto meet the production demands of growing utility and industrial markets.

Purchased in 1962, Big Brutus removes overburden from coal seams. It operated until April 1974. In 1984, P&M donated the shovel and 16 acres of surrounding land to Big Brutus, Inc. for restoration and transformation into a museum and memorial. You can still climb to the top of the boom (on non-windy days) along the original access stairs, expanded metal mesh that lets you see just how high you really are.

Big Brutus was overshadowed by his big sister, Big Bertha, but luckily (for World's Largest Titles, that is...) she was dismantled, making Big Brutus the largest shovel in the world.


World's Largest Electric Shovel Stats

Bucyrus Erie model 1850B
16 stories (160 feet) tall
weighs 11 million pounds
boom 150 feet long
dipper capacity 90cubic yards (by heaping 150 tons - enough to fill three rail road cars)
maximum speed .22 MPH
cost $6.5 million in 1962
electric bill of last month of operations was $27,000

Want more? Here's the way-involved  "1850-B Informaiton Hi-Lights" sheet...


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