World's Largest Prairie Dog


Oakley, Kansas

Prairie Dog Town is one of the last hybrid roadside attractions left - part animal petting zoo, part curio shop, all kitsch. You can't see the World's Largest Paririe Dog from the road, you have to pay the approx. $6 to enter into a world you probably will regret.

While the facility is billed as an animal rehab center, giving homes to some animal freaks that would otherwise be slaughtered and injured beasts that would have been shot, it's not so easy to see that from the tiny cages, nocturnal animals housed in direct sun, and depressing air.

You will see six-legged cows and bulls, and the World's Largest Prairie Dog awaits you in all its concrete splendor. It has a companion Not-So-World's-Largest Pairie Dog sitting beside it, keeping this one concrete animal company.

World's Largest Prairie Dog Stats

Reinforced concrete
8000 pounds
approx. 15' high

c. 1973

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