World's Largest Russian Egg


Topeka, Kansas

After a fun day of Mobile Museum appearance at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, including community SPAM carving and grilling of World's Largest Things project ideas, the list of local attracions was growing. I heard of a Wren, and a Very Large Cinnamon Roll, to track down on the way to the hotel. As a super extra added bonus, this beautiful Russian Egg appeared on the corner just south of the World's Largest Wren!

Created in conjunction with an exhibition from the Mulvane Art Center "Treasures of the Tzars" back in 2001, the egg is a large version of the jeweled nesting eggs, although the decorative band used to imply the opening section had fallen off, with pieces propped up against the base. There are four or five squat, bundled figures on the egg, done in a combiination of mosaic and paint. It was a nice suprise in the World's Largest Things hunt!


World's Largest Russian Egg Stats

Concrete, paint and mosaic
The egg stands 6.5 feet tall
erected 2001 by the Mulvane Art Center, Topeka


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