World's Largest Spur

Topeka Kansas

Abilene Kansas is home to many an oddity, including the Museum of Independent Telephony, and the World's Largest Spur. Since the MIT didn't have an oversized receiver, we'll look at the World's Largest Spur here...

The giant metal spur acts as an entrance to the main horse ring at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds (home of the Central Kansas Free Fair and Rodeo). The graceful arching of the spur legs lead up to a spinning star shape, with hinged attachment-points (if you're a Paul Bunyan cowboy) at the bottom of the gateway. It's large enough for a semi to pass through, rising up approximately 27'.

World's Largest Spur Stats

Fair Office - 619 N Rogers Street

27' high, welded steel
Oddly enough, the CKFF Site lists all of the other improvements, but doesn't reference the Spur Gate: Central Kansas Free Fair site

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