World's Largest Crow Information Pamphlet


A Place To Remember

Many communities have striking symbols and people immediately identify with them. Alexandria has a tall Viking named Ole, St. Louis has a soaring metal arch, and Belgrade has a crow. I visited our crow recently and he inspired me to do a little study of crows and I was impressed with what I learned. The crow is a very adaptable bird. So many creatures are unable to survive in our modern world, but crows are flourishing and in fact have multiplied four-fold in the last ten years.

Another admirable characteristic of crows is the fact that they mate for life and remain close to their families. At times some young adults even stay too long in the next and have to be pushed out!

Crows are very intelligent, observant and resourceful. They can be taught to say words, do tricks, and fetch. If six hunters go into a blind and only five come out, the crow will remain hidden until that sixth hunter also leaves the blind. A crow Was Seen trying to eat a hard morsel of food but couldn’t manage it so he soaked it in a puddle of water until it became soft enough to eat. Therefore, when you see a crow, remember that It is a remarkable and wonderful bird that has learned to adapt and flourish.

(Excerpts of a sermon by Rev. Kenneth Rust)

The huge crow you see here is 18 ft. high, the branch it stands on is 31 ft. long. It is built with a metal skeleton, plastic form, fiberglass skin and automotive paint. The entire structure from the bottom of the pedestal to the very top measures 43 feet.



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