World's Largest Gas Pump


King City, Missouri

Originally constructed in Maryville Missouri, the Great Pump was moved to a city park in King City Missouri. Another great 'Duck" building, it's tastefully displayed with three mismatched electric gas pumps for which it mimics. Super-special setting-wise for Meta-Photos (in this case may be meta-meta, seeing as there's the World's Largest, World's Smallest of World's Largest, and World's.. well, Most Average...)


World's Largest Gas Pump Stats

From "The Well-Built Elephant":
Over 45 years ago (this was written in 1983-4) Kyle Phares, the owner of a gas station in Maryville, Missouri, bought a new electric gas pump... He was so enamored of the new pump that he decided to build a larger-than-life replica to house the station's office and rest rooms.

Built by Charles Foster of H.L. Foster & Sons, of wooden 2x4s covered with galvanized metal. Painted black-and-white.

(It's now red and white...)


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