Twistee Treat Building


St. Joseph, Missouri

Designed by Robert G. Skiller, the building was once a part of the Twistee Treat chain, now defunct. The first iteration of the company existed from 1983 through the early 90s, with a new company formed in 1996.

With over 90 buildings originally produced, they were popular in Florida, and extended up through Missouri. Smaller cone buildings were later produced in Canada, but currently you have to search out the still-existing ice cream stands (there are quite a few that are independently run) for your oversized ice cream fix.

The St. Joe example, operating as Kris & Kate's Ice Cream Treats, features a fairly large menu, with outdoor seating and Harley parking available. Just down the road from a great mini-golf course FILLED with fun stuff, this is the perfect spot to cool off.

It is believed that about 90 of these buildings were produced over the years. About half of them have been demolished. In 1999, the new Twistee Treat Corporation still managed 35 locations in Florida and Missouri and planned to expand to Georgia and Texas. They added gourmet coffee to the menu and planned to add Express Grills with burgers and other food. The new interiors were to feature retro swivel stools, white fiberglass counters and a white and magenta color scheme. However, I don't believe any of these new buildings were ever built. The company ceased to exist around 2000. The only way to acquire a Twistee Treat building is to buy a used one (see the list at the bottom of the next page).

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2330 N 36th St
Fiberglass skin

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