Kool-Aid Days Edible Art Contest


Hastings Nebraska

One of the highlights of the 2004s Kool-Aid Days was the Edible Art Contest sponsored by the Hastings Art Club. Entries were judged on both artistic merit and ediblilty, with a WIDE range of variance within each category.

From the Hastings Tribune Aug. 16th article:
The Edible Art Contest, made many onlookers hungry, and gave Nelson, the judge, a chance to come up with some creative awards.
First pace for artistic merit and the "pig-out" award for edibility was given to Kirstin Morris of Hastings for creating the "Golden Tower," a miniature tower made of crystallized yellow Kool-Aid.
"I won't be able to stop eating it," Nelson said. "It's really good."
Other awards in the edibility category included "I otter bite it," "A fun excuse to eat," and "Don't eat it or you might die."


Edible Art Winners

The awards were as follows:

Edible Art Contest

Artistic Merit
First - Kirstin Morris, Hastings
Second - Charles Brummett, Fairfield
Third - Morris
Clunker Award - Rachel Rohan, Hastings
Do-Not-Shake Award - Shay Graves, Hastings


"I otter bite it" award - Morris
"Pig-Out" award - Morris
"Tried harder" award - Rohan
"Fun excuse to eat" award - Graves
"Eat it and you might die" award - Brummett


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