World's Largest Praying Hands


Tulsa Oklahoma

Welcome to Creepy Icon World! Located at the entrance to Tulsa's Oral Roberts University is the large veiney Praying Hands - sort of violently clapping or grasping may be a better description, though. Extremely large metal (bronze) sculpture, hands not quite together in a pseudo-prayerful pose.


World's Largest Praying Hands Stats

Too creeped out to gather information - sorry, I was negligent in my World's Largest Things duties.

But, here are some comments regarding this page, along with replies:

from Peter Jack: Praying Hands in Tulsa
I think your commenting on that page was just out right stupid!
"...sort of violently clapping or grasping may be a better description, though. Extremely large metal (bronze) sculpture, hands not quite together in a psudo-prayerful pose."
They're called the PRAYING HANDS! DUH!!! They're supposed to resemble someone praying. "sort of violently clapping or grasping may be a better description" They're praying, obvious by the name "THE PRAYING HANDS"
Come on man, that is just dumb.

Reply: That's exactly why the comment is there - look at the photo - they don't look like they're praying, although that's what they're called. It's not obvious to the viewer, hence the need for a change of name. I stand by my statements that they should be renamed to a more appropriate "Grasping Hands". Or, Clutching Hands. Or, Violently Tearing the Heart of the Nation Hands.
Thank you for your comments.

Rebuttal from Peter Jack: Oral Roberts is a Christian Faith Based University. If a person knew that ONE THING, no matter how ignorant they are, They would assume the hands were in a "praying position." Different people hold they're hands differently during prayer. Oral Roberts or the sculpter or the subject held their hands that way when praying and that is how they turned out. News flash: Not everyone positions their hands the same way when they pray.

from Roone Acree:
"The position of the hands is purposeful, having a distinct symbolic meaning. The artist's intention here is to represent an outstretching of the hands to God (in prayer) in the High Renaissance style similar to Michelangelo's "Creation" rendered on the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel. Realism is definitely an element in this style (the tendons, veins very prominent in the praying hands sculpture). His purpose here is to blend man's reach for the Infinite with prayerful reflection. The artist obviously rejected rendering the object with a conventionalized, emblematic appearance (iconographic code) such as the clichéd "folding hands" that you are probably used to, in favor of something more expressive, more meaningful to himself personally."

Reply: Thanks for your input. I still stand by my posting, as it is my opinion and as a viewer of Roadside iconography, you have to consider your audience's reactions, too, no matter how noble or inspirational the artistic intention might be.

from Chrystal Thorne: Hmmm... over 6 billion people in the world, and you have one insignificant opinion.

Reply: Gee, Thanks! For you to pick my lil' ol' insignificant opinion to flame, I'm honored...

And the latest: Not really sure why you think the praying hands are creepy. But truthfully they were actually once at a medical hospital opened near the Oral Roberts University campus that was also a medical school. They were to represent the medical healing of man combined with the supernatural healing of God. Man in one hand, God in the other and when they touch there is harmony and healing sort of idea. And by the way you spell pseudo wrong. Cole ProffittA non super religious student at Oral Roberts University

Reply: Thank you for the information. I'll be sure to correct the spelling. -Erika


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