The above mentioned highway was completed and dedicated on August 13, 1921. There was a big celebration commemorating the event, and since Winlock was becoming quite a famous poultry center, they decided to call the celebration "Winlock Poultry and Egg Day." There were about 1,000 people present at the celebration. Otis rountree was the General Chairman for the event. After the celebration it was decided to make this an annual event, which was done. This year's EGG DAY will be held on June 14.



On October 23, 1923, the Pacific Highway bridge over the Columbia river at Vancouver was completed and opened. A huge caravan of cars and floats, representing the various communities of Western Washington, started at Olympia, and drove to Salem, Oregon, where they had a huge celebration, commemorating the opening of through travel from Capital to Capital.

John C. Lawrence, manager of the Co-op, suggested that Winlock should be represented in the caravan by a huge egg, mounted on a truck. this was one. A wood frame was made in the shape of an egg. A canbas was stretched tight over it, and painted white. This attracted so much attention, that on their return they decideed to place it on a platform near the depot where it has since remained.

The canvas, of course, wouldn't last very long, so they plastered it with ordinary plaster. This didn't stand up. In 1944, when Johnny Simpson's Plastic Company came to town, they made it over with this plastic material, which has stood up pretty well.


From the Winlock Public Library, History of Winlock notebook file, P. 50-51.


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