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Winlock, Washington

The Winlock Egg is a point of pride for this small SW Washington community. Although there IS another egg in Metone Indiana, the Winlock egg has a much more colorful, incorporated history than most of it's World's Largest counterparts. And, the town insisted that the World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum stay for the weekend World’s Largest  Egg Day festivities.

From the city history at the library:   "The Beginning of Egg Day" and "The Big Egg at the Depot". In one of the downtown windows, local historian Roy Richards has compiled an intensive inclusive history of the egg, complete with photos, memoribilia, and souvenirs. One of the best images is from the 1931 Farmers-Merchants Picnic where an 8-foot wide frying pan was brought in from Long Beach (see related page) for the egg festival. Thora Lindner greased the World's Largest   Frying Pan with bacon slabs strapped to her feet, and an enourmous omlet was made in the pan. According to the newspaper article, accounts of the number of eggs used in the omelet vary betwen 7,200 and 10,000.



World's Largest Egg Stats

The current egg (there's been four...) was made by Beverly Roberts, commissioned by Vern Zander on October 24, 1990. The new egg was to be completed by parade time the following May. She had a 1963 Ford flat bed truck that she outfitted with a spindle which allowed her to rotate the wire mesh frame. Then, a couple of layers of chicken wire, saddle glue and cardboard paper, then the egg was driven to a fiberglass place in Grand Mound. While the fiberglass work was not quite the finish Beverly expected, the egg was made ready by filling in the resulting dimples and divets before the day of the parade .


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