World's Largest Badger


Birnamwood, Wisconsin

Actually, it's a bit south of Birnamwood, but it's a big badger so you can't very well miss it. I came upon this at night, after a sunset of wandering north and south and north again sticking to Birnamwood City Limits. Then, I notices a billboard for a new attraction. Well, actually, a gentleman's club.

The World's Largest Badger has been proclaimed destroyed, originally sitting on top of a filling station with a large drive-through log featuring an equally huge squirrel. Well, when the filling station closed, the property was revamped (!) into a strip club, and the badger moved to a less prominent but equally noticable spot right along the highway.

Since it was night, and little illumination from the festivities within, this is a night shot, backlit from the garage behind. Luckily, a passing motorist's headlights revealed the reflector eyes, giving the midnight photo shot a decidedly evil illumination.

Needless to say, I got a few strange looks when setting up, but no real trouble in that the suspicious glances were from back seats of parking lot activities that were decidedly disconcerted by the presence of a stranger with a camera.



World's Largest Badger Stats

Sorry, it was dark, and it's not a polite topic of discussion in the area


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