Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile


Madison Wisconsin

Weinermobile connections:

There are some of those "7 Degree" things that just tie some of my favorite things together - like Punk Rock, James Bond, Midgets and World's Largest Things. But, that's another story - here are some Weinermobile recurrances that tie in some other World's Largest Things...

The Weinermobile was originally built by the Oscar Mayer company in 1936, described as a low, inelegant truck. It's gone through periodic redesigns, evolving into its familiar current form.

The guys from Roadside America, one of the quintessential sources for offbeat travel, told me about their trip in a Weinermobile when I met them in 2003 at the World's Largest Ball of Twine after its 50th birthday, located in Cawker City Kansas.

It wasn't until the Eastern Tour in 2005 that I spotted the Weinermobile underneath the World's Largest Bottle of Catsup in Collinsville Illinois - the photo was from the RA tour of condiments.

Later in the Eastern Tour, I stopped to visit a new aquisition - a Mobile Classroom that is to be the NEW WLCo/WSVo/WLT Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum. Built in Wooster Ohio (which is between Berlin OH, former home of the World's Largest Wheel of cheese, and Wilmot Ohio, home of the World's Largest Cuckoo Clock) by Gerstenslager, the people who make bookmobiles and were responsible for constructing the second Weinermobile. Although connection to the Gerstenslager company not mentioned in the article I have for reference, the breakthrough in design is accredited to Brooks Stevens, who added the bun and gave it the flair that made it a merchandising icon in 1958..

So, in the new museum, there will be a little shrine to the Weinermobile, featuring my own little Weiner whistle, a piece of twine, a dollop of Catsup, and a dog-eared copy of Roadside America to pay homage to another World's Largest Things sub-theme.


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