World's Largest Bottle of Catsup


written by Wade M. McCormick

Back in '49
They took a load of steel
And built from it a bottle
That looked so very real
If you checked in your ice box
You would have really been at loss
To tell the giant bottle
From the one that held the sauce.

We all stood around
And looked up in the sky
At the might catsup bottle
And we all exclaimed "OH MY!"
The tower that we looked at
Was so might grand,
The greatest catsup bottle
Ever seen throughout the land.

When airplanes fly across the sky
You will see them make a pass
At the mighty monument
For it really has some class;
When they see the catsup bottle
They know just where they are;
And they know that when they see it:
St. Louis can't be very far.


When families get into the car
It really is a sight,
There is a great commotion
When the kids begin to fight;
Because when Dad says to them:
"We're gonna take a ride!"
They all want the window
On the catsup bottle side.


The bottle now is fresh again
Its paint is shiny and new
That could have never happened
Without some help from you
When you stop and look at it
Remember it with pride
And say for all the world to hear:
Oh Lord, but how we tried!



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