Traveling Roadside Attraction 2005 Eastern Tour


March 1-17, 2005 Tour

Photo: Karl Schlatter 2005

2005 brings the Traveling Roadside Attraction to the East Coast - temporary home at the
Delaware Center for Contemporary Art in Wilmington!

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Links currently being updated with official tour photos as they arrive!

Some stops between my Kansas home base and my new temporary home in Delaware included:

World's Largest Shuttlecocks, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City
World's Largest Ball of Video Tape, KCPT-TV Kansas City
Multiple Mechanics
World's Largest 8-Ball, Tipton
City Museum, St. Louis
the Venice Cafe, St. Louis
World's Largest Bowling Pins, International Bowling Museum St. Louis
World's Largest Vess Bottle, St. Louis

World's Largest Bottle of Catsup, Collinsville
World's Largest Cross, Effingham
World's Tallest Man, Alton

World's Largest Loaf of Bread, Urabna
World's Largest Vase, Zanesville
World's Largest Woven Basket, Dresden
World's Largest Apple Basket, Frazeyburg
World's Largest Basket Building, Newark
World's Largest Washboard, Logan
World's Largest Rubber Stamp, Cleveland
New WLCo/WSVo/WLT Museum Gerstenslager

West Virginia
World's Largest Teapot, Chester

World's Largest Coffee Pot, Bedford
Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, Orrtanna
World's Largest Kettle, Thomasville
World's Largest Shoe, Hallem
World's Largest Donut, somewhere along Hwy. 84
World's Largest Amish Couple, Roadside America
Roadside America, Shartlesville
Large Pie Woman, Somewhere else in PA

From my new home base: Spark Weekly and News Journal articles from the local Wilmington Delaware press...
From on the road: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Edwardsville Intelligencer, Collinsville Herald,St. Louis RFT, and Kansas City Pitch articles from the trip Eastwards.

click HERE for the official tour schedule - dates tended to change along the way , but here's roughly Where I was When


World's Largest Ball of Rubber Bands - at the DCCA!! In the lobby starting Arpil 6th-ish!
World's Largest Doctor's Bag
World's Largest Frying Pan - annually in the Del-Mar peninsula area...

New Jersey
World's Largest Elephant,Margate City


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