World's Largest Apple Basket (tm)


Frazeyburg Ohio

Actually, the apple basket is at the Longaberger Homestead (r), which may or may not have anything to do, really, with Frazeyburg. Dresden, being completely enmeshed with the Town-Identity-as-Basket-Shopper-Paradise has that part of the market cornered, and the Longaberger Homestead (r) is a bizarre, forcibly manufactured iteration of the same thing.

The Longaberger Homestead (r) is a make-believe town, urging you to "Experience the Legacy" with a large building housing a 'showroom' of decorating ideas. In other words, a big Longaberger controlled department store, where the Longaberger lifestyle is for sale and very carefully controlled. Here, there were plenty of couches for husbands to sit in, and everything under the sun that could conceivably be connected with a basket for sale in the "lifestyle showcases".

Once again, thank the World's Largest Gods that it wasn't the height of tourist season. Inside, between the Authentic Basket Maker station, before you get to the Basket Needlepoint Station and Basket Scrapbooking Station, you pass by little nibblet kiosks - cans and jars of snack foods for tasting, which is basket related because, well, I guess you can put them in a basket! The best part was the demonstration kitchen, where a lady, three times a day, shows you how to prepare these jars and cans of premade food. We didn't stay long.

So, back to the Apple Basket (tm) - it's at the end of the fake cobblestone street in front of the 'Longaberger At Home (r)' building, next to the 'Genuine Factory Tour' bus stop (which we also skipped - I hated to think of the workers forced to grin and spin their baskets as a bunch of red-hatters point and oooh at the unwilling craftsperson on display...) and right next to the Longaberger Family Home replica.

It's a big basket, with some really beautifully done apples held within. The metal goober hanging on the front is an example of the basket 'accessories' available to Longaberger collectors to adorn their own baskets. Once again, I'm not sure what their purpose is, other than to rack up the potential profit margin of a 'oooh I just GOTTA have one of THOSE...' markets...

And, the Longaberger legacy continues at the World's Largest Basket Building (tm)...


World's Largest Apple Basket (tm) Stats

from the plaque:
(I'll post as soon as I get a print that I can read...)

from the brochure:
World's Largest Apple Basket (tm)
Boasting a bumper crop of huge four-foot apples, this is a great spot for a group or family photo.

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