World's Largest Donut


N. on 84 exit 34ish..., Pennsylvania

As I just said in the World's Largest Kettle page, the best part about driving the backroads, following a zig-zag line attempting to connect the dots of the Master Map of What's Large Where, is the unexpected sighting of a World's Largest Thing.

So, after a preview of the World's Largest Shoe in Hallam, I started the search for a place to park for the night. One of the first truckstops I ran across along my search route gave off some serious "GET AWAY" vibes, starting with the steep downward path to the parking area, which was essentially a muddy truck pit with very little illumination, access, or escape. Not even the appeal of eating at Alice's Resteraunt overcame the seeping oozieness coming from the parking area.

So, in turning around and beating a hasty retreat, I spotted something that made it all better - a GIANT DONUT!!

Sitting proudly atop the 24 Hour Maple Donut shop, a chocolate-iced, speckled spackle pastry made every attempt to make you feel welcome. And, to add to the donutty goodness, there was a smaller big donut at the curb, with a weird spout. At first, I assumed it was an early attempt at the dunkin' donut form, but then I realized it was the mailbox for the establishment.

So, I thought to myself, "What Would Zippy Do?" "Dah!"

It came to me then - I had to enjoy an early morning donut to start tomorrow's World's Largest Things explorations. So, I drove to the nearest non-nasty truckstop, and came back the next morning. And it was good.


World's Largest Donut Stats:

I have no idea. But, on the waxed paper surrounding my commemorative donut, it says:

Take Home A Dozen! MapleDonuts Since 1946.

From the commemorative bag:

Maple Donuts (tm) (u) since 1946 York, PA. Your Neighborhood Donut Shops!

Warning contained in the coupons on the back of the bag: Not Valid on FASNACHT DAY.


I'll post more as I get information.
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