World's Largest Kettle


Just West of Thomasville Pennsylvania

The best part about driving the backroads, following a zig-zag line attempting to connect the dots of the Master Map of What's Large Where, is the unexpected sighting of a World's Largest Thing.

So, headed towards the World's Largest Shoe in Hallam, I suddenly found myself whipping the bus around to take a closer look at a suprise supersized object -a big black kettle, marking the entrance to Martin Chips. Once again, I had missed the factory tour hours (this time by a maddening 30 minutes) but I got to provide smoke-break entertainment for a handful of snackmakers.

The big kettle is surrounded by a fairly thick shrub, so I couldn't get close enough to see what the base was made out of, but the top seemed to be thick sheet metal cut and bent and punched to form the top handle-attaching section of the kettle.

So, later on, while settling down for a long winter's nap, I was perusing the snack section of an area truckstop, looking for a souvenir bag of Martin chips... There were 7 different LOCAL brands of fried snack foods from in and around the York area, making this area of southern Pennsylvania a potential 'Capitol' of something everyone loves...


World's Largest Kettle Stats:

Approx. 6' x 4', mixed material, could fry up one big chip! (Note to the Idaho Potato Expo people - I said 'Chip', not 'Crisp', as you have displayed in your museum - you big cheaters...)


I'll post more as I get information.
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