World's Largest Cross


Effingham Illinois

Not only is faith an important part of living in the Bible Belt, but having the World's Largest is an absolute must if you want to make your mark in the world of Very Large Icons. From Big Buddahs all across the orient to the World's Largest Jesus in Mexico, faiths of all kinds strive for the ultimate.

There are also crosses in Bald Knob Illinois, Groom Texas, a crucifix in Bardstown Kentucky (or Indiana, forget which...), Praying Hands in Tulsa Oklahoma and XX Missouri, and Jesi in Eureka Springs Arkansas and XX xx.

The Cross at the Crossroads was built with a record in mind - according to the couple running the welcome center that day, the Foundation looked at the other World's Largest, and built theirs 2 feet taller. Inside the welcome center, you'll also find a video illustrating the construction of the World's Largest Cross, as well as models of the footing structure required to stabilize the monument.

The cross itself is made in four sections, and covered with a steel skin (sort of like a very elaborate Morton building). It's surrounded by little benches and monuments for the 10 commandments, always open, as a stop for truckers and travelers along Hwys. 70 and 57 (hence, the Cross at the Crossroads...)

It should be noted here that these pages contain many duplicate "World's Largest", as WLT Inc. is mainly listing monuments as the builders label them - this monument in particular gets a lot of correction emails, pointing out that the ACTUAL World's Largest Cross lives elsewhere:

Hi There, Just letting you know that your information about the worlds biggest cross is actually incorrect. The cross in Effingham, Illinois, USA stands at 60m or 196.8 feet tall. The Millennium Cross in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, stands 66m or 216.5 feet tall.
Therefore the Millennium Cross in Macedonia is infact the tallest cross in the world - Wikipedia Millennium Cross Article.
Regards, Bob


World's Largest Cross Stats

According to the FAQ list supplied by the greeters, the cross is 198 feet tall, 180 tons of steel, made in four sections, and can withstand 145 mph winds. Five years from concept to completion, it cost more than one million dollars so far.

Complete "Answers to Common Questions Asked By Visitors To The Cross" are available here.


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