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The Cross took five years from the first concept to completion.

Engineers in Kansas City, MO designed the Cross. United Steel Fabricators of Indiana,
3602 Farnsworth Street, Indianapolis IN manufactured the four pieces, which make up the
Cross. The foundation section is 15 feet deep and 20 x 40 feet in size.

Wind tunnel tests were conducted in Montreal, Canada. The Cross can withstand winds of
up to 145 miles per hour.

AKRA Builders was in charge of planning, construction and follow-up work.

The Cross is 198 feet tall equal to a 20 story building. Anything taller would require a red
light atop according to FAA regulations.

There are 180 tons of steel within the Cross structure. Forty, two-inch bolts were inserted
at each of the four corners of the Cross-support making a total of 640 bolts in the structure
since there are four sections in the completed Cross.

There is access inside to the top of the Cross but it is used for maintenance purposes and
not open to the public.

The Cross was erected on July 16, 200 starting at 5:30 AM. This early hour was selected
due to the prevalence of high gusty winds during July. Any wind during the time of placing
the sections together could have been disastrous.

The Cross was first lighted on Sunday, September 16, just five days after the 9/11
disasters. Strategically placed lights, controlled by a dusk to dawn monitor, have been
shining every night since then as a beacon to those who pass by.

The total cost of the Cross, to date, is in excess of one million dollars including the
Commandment stones.

There is a similar Cross in Groom, TX, with somewhat different dimensions.

The volunteer greeter program began at the Cross in July 2002. The Volunteer Greeters
are all selected from various church rosters and are at the Cross once a month in four hour
shifts, seven days of the week.

The Cross Foundation depends entirely on private donations and volunteer help to pay
utilities and maintain the grounds and temporary visitor center.

The Citey and State regulate signs on public hichways and therefore dictate the signage
the Cross Foundation can post

Easter services, a 9/11 memorial service, Corvette Fest, charity and other group
gatherings have been held at the Cross since it was erected.

Indications that the Cross is having an impact on the lives of travelers is evidenced by
items andnotes (whickey bottle, cigarette packages) found at the foot of the Cross as well
as flowers, mementos and letters tellin gof new hope and a resolutions to make changes
in life-style by those who have stopped and spent time at the Cross.

Visitors to the Cross during the first year after construction were from all fifry (50) states
and 19 foreign countries.

Future projects being planned are the erection of a permanent chapel/visitor's center on
the site to replace the temporary visiitor's center trailer, additional landscaping, and
sculptures depicting the life of Jesus.

The Cross Foundation is a not-for-profit Ecumenical organization with several
denominations of clergy and laypersons represented on the Cross Foundation Board.
Their goal is a united effort to bring back morals and solid family values into today's
society, as well as uniting the Christian community in serving their fellowman.

The Ten Commandment monumentseach contain audio messages describing how each
commendment relates to today's living.


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