World's Largest Ball of Twine Turns 50!


Linda Clover, the official Twine Ball Caretaker, holds the birthday cake...

The Town of Cawker City celebrated the 50th birthday of Frank Stoeber's Ball of Twine at the 29th Annual Cawker City Twine-a-Thon, August 15th, 2003. There was Twining, a ball-shaped birthday cake, trivia and prizes, and of course, the ball itself.

People passing through Cawker City might also notice a more extensive acknowledgement of the Orb's Golden Years - the downtown businesses sport new paintings, emulating masterworks, each with a hidden ball of twine. Sorta' like a roadside attraction Where's Waldo. To take visitors through the outdoor gallery, a yellow 'twine' path leads from the big ball around downtown through main street. Following the path, you'll see painting after painting, covering a pretty big span of art history, all with a lil' mischevious twist.


Created by local artist Cher Olsen, almost all of Cawker City's windows sport a twine painting.

There are more paintings in the works, and they're intended as a permanent installation to enhance the Cawker City experience. While the road has been a little rough (even a commuity open enough to glorify a Twine Ball has censorship issues, as seen in a related article...) the results are amazing, and a testament to a town that has used it's World's Largest Thing as an ever-evolving interactive event for tourists and locals alike.


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