Wigwam Villiage #2


Cave City Kentucky

One of the highlights of the D.C. trip was the chance to stay in another of those roadside icons: Wigwam Villiage #2 in Cave City, Kentucky. These concrete teepees has more counterparts across the nations, but only three remain - one more in Arizona, and one in California.

When I realized my route would take me in the vicinity, I called for reservations. Not only did they have one available, since it was the off-season and mid-week, I could stay for two nights for the amount I'd budgeted for one in a 'normal' roadside rest... I was the only occupant on the first night, one of two the second...

Please, all you road enthusiasts out there - STAY HERE AND KEEP IT GOING! Whenever you're passing through, or within 100 miles, it's worth it to make sure the roadside atays interesting.

Not for the pampered traveler, the Wigwams are small and dealing with age issues - but, if you go in with that notion, you'll be pleased with the preservation of these gems - The Hobbit-like doorways that snug you into your space wouldn't allow Robert Wadlow entrance, so you'll be safe from overly tall people. The log furniture is sturdy, albeit a bit beaten about, and people afraid of slanted spaces may have to find another restroom facility. But, overall clean and decently-kept, small and cozy, and I'm never sleeping anywhere else on my Kentucky visits!


Wigwam Villiage #2 Stats:

From the brochure:

Patented design by Frank A. Redford, first one constructed 1935 in Horse Cave KY. #2 built 1937, concrete and landscaping, all the amenities.

Main building: 38 tons of concrete, 13 tons of steel, standing 52 feet high.

15 rooms, private bath for each, original 1930s furniture.

And, it's a Kentucky Heritage Council Historic Landmark.

Stay There! Buy Stuff!

Check out their website for availablity, and rates (cheap!)


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