World's Largest Art Tractor


New York Mills, Minnesota

The World’s Largest Art Tractor sits in the center of the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center’ Sculpture Park. It is a three-dimensional rendering of the Cultural Center’s logo, which also appears on the water tower.

It’s built of welded steel, in a sort of patchwork method that is a signature style of a man who deserves recognition. Ken Nyberg has single-handedly added at least 6 World’s Largest Things to the Minnesota list, with this being his largest creation. Most of Ken’s things are centered around Vining MN, but towns desiring World’s Largest Things soon got wind of his talents and his work is scattered here and there in monumental testaments to the area.


World's Smallest Version of World's Largest Art Tractor visits World's Largest Art Tractor

World's Largest Art Tractor Stats
Don’t have much information on it…
Designed by John Davis, Built by Ken Nyberg
Dedicated (?)
Welded steel


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