World's Largest Cootie


Lakeville, Minnesota

On the way south from another GREAT Art Car event in Minnesota, we stumbled upon an amazing collection of oddities and art cars in progress along I-35. At Hot Sam's Antiques in Lakeville, you're greeted by a shady land, leading you into a wonderland of fun landscaped madness, including a main house absolutely packed with gems and goodies for the adventerous antiquer. And, overlooking a man-made lake with gazebos and little bridges, we found the World's Largest Cootie!

The proprieter of this establishment and her son collect amazing things from all over, but somewhere along the line they were infested with a giant germ left over from elementary schoool - it's more bug-like than the cute plastic cooties of Parker Brothers game fame, but still has a friendly grin.


World's Largest CootieStats

Fiberglass, steel armature, paint
Approx. 6 feet high, 8 feet long.


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