World's Largest Otter


Fergus Falls, Minnesota

The World’s Largest Otter sits majestically overlooking the lake at the city park. Serving as an emblem of the Otter Tail Lake region, it has a double function of a make-out spot for area teens. After taking a few meta-photos with the World’s Smallest Version of the World’s Largest Otter, as the sun was setting, a couple of teens showed up, pulled one of the picnic tables over to the otter, turned it on it’s side, leaning against the Otter’s flank, and climbed up the makeshift ladder to the hollow on the Otter’s back. They didn’t seem to mind that they were not only within sight of the road, but prominently on display.


World's Smallest Version of World's Largest Otter visits World's Largest Otter

World's Largest Otter Stats
No plaque, and the people at the Visitor’s Center didn’t have much information either. Seemed to be made of reinforced concrete, and is pretty well taken care of besides the picnic table scratches along its side…


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