Paul Bunyan – The World’s Largest Animated Man


Brainerd, Minnesota

And he’s a biggie – An icon of the area for over 50 years, the talking Paul Bunyan is the largest Paul. As you enter Paul Bunyan Amusement Park, Paul looks over at you, raises his hand, and greets you by name. How, exactly does he know each and every visitor, one might wonder? Well, usually there’s a crafty adult involved feeding the names of the children and where they’re from to the ticket-taker, who radios the man in the booth (No, not the Gweat and Tewwible Oz) who operates Paul’s limbs, mouth, head, and somewhat sleepy eyes.


World’s Largest Animated Man Stats

The foundation (I’m assuming the collection of people responsible for dreaming up the Paul Bunyan Center) purchased Paul Bunyan from the Chicago North Western Railroad after it had been displayed the summer of 1949 at the Railroad Show.

From the brochure: World’s Largest Animated Man: With a smile on his lips and a wink of the eye, mighty Paul Bunyan greets visitors by name. Hear Paul tell tall tales of the robust lumbering days of Minnesota. Meet Paul’s legendary friends… Babe the Blue Ox and Sport the Reversible Dog. Lumbering exhibits, too. Come in and meet Paul Bunyan. He is 26 feet high, has a 150 inch waist and an 80 size neck. HE TALKS, MOVES AND TELLS THE TALLEST TALES EVER!


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