World's Largest Snowman


North St. Paul, Minnesota

There’s something beautiful about seeing a Snowman in July, especially when it’s over three stories tall. Another large concrete structure, once again without any identifying plaques. But, the clerk at the convenience store had a little info.


My favorite feature was the trapdoor in the derriere.

From the clerk: Took $2000 to build, originally behind K and J Catering, moved once, made of pure concrete. He claimed that North St. Paul adopted it as a symbol, using it as a logo for promotion and Tshirts, but we could find no evidence supporting that claim (i.e., no souvenirs…)

And, showing that it’s a very small world, I was recently contacted by a woman who’s father helped build the snowman – she too is into World’s Largest Things, and has a hilarious site devoted to the same niche – Big Girl, Big Stuff Tours (


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