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Laura Spencer interviewed Mike Murphy, Kelly Ludwig, and Erika Nelson just before the opening of the Rare Visions / Detour Art show at the Belger Arts Center
KCUR Public Radio, Kansas City MO.
Air date March 25, and Web Exclusive with Erika March 26, 2009.
Listen to the Show Review MP3
and the Web Exclusive with Erika MP3 in our Radio Archives

Walt Bodine interviewed Mike Murphy from Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations,
and Mo Dickens from the Belger Arts Center on “The Walt Bodine Show"
KCUR Public Radio, Kansas City MO. Air date March 26, 2009.
In conjunction the the show at the Belger Arts Center.
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

World's Largest and Smallest lecture preview, Chris Kodiak Morning Show, KIND Radio Independence Kansas. Air date February 6, 2009


Thomas, Jay “The Jay Thomas Show - Holiday Road”
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ch. 102, New Orleans, LA. Air date May 30, 2007.


From Arkansas NPR, KUAR's locally produced "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" explores Outsider Art. Inviting people from three generations to discuss the topic of the week, Erika represented the 'younger' generation in this fun conversation looking at art outside the norm. Aired Tuesday April 18, 2006.
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

Follow-up interview on Rural Route, talking about the recent Washington DC trip. Interview aired March 14th,2006.
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

KFRM interview on Rural Route, 1/2 hour program connecting the dots between Rural and Urban. Aired January 16th, 2006.
Listen to the WMA in our Radio Archives


Those kooky Minnesotans are at it again - they spent a whole 14 minutes discussing Yours Truly on Shockwave, a program on KFAI, Minneapolis/St. Paul. November 12, 2005.
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

Route 6 Art Car Tour on the Tom Beka Show, KFAB AM 1110, Omaha. Air date August 12, 2005

The John Carney Show featured World's Largest Things on the '05 Eastern Tour while in St. Louis. KMOX-AM 1120, Air date March 9 2005
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

Heidi Holton chatted with us for a while during her show "Between You and Me" on KAXE (NPR) Northern Community Radio, Brainerd Grand Rapids Bemidji MN. Air date February 26 2005


Kyle Kellam caught up to us in Fayetteville for Ozarks at Large, KUAF(NPR) Public Radio. Air date Oct. 24 2004
Listen to the MP3 in our Radio Archives

The 2004 certification of the World's Largest Kool-Aid Stand in Hastings NE led to morning radio interviews on a rash of stations:

 KROQ in LA on the Kevin and Bean morning show (air date August 9, 2004)

 Oldies 95.7 Ashley and Murphey in the Morning segment in Knoxville TN (air date September 10 2004)

and a mention on Marquette Michigan's  WKQS Mark and Walt in the Morning show.


An especially cool feature of the Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum is it's own radio broadcast on 103.1, available to anyone stuck in traffic directly behind the Mobile Museum. It plays a barker routine and the World's Largest Things Theme Song!(mp3). Sung by the legendary Big One Man Band out of Memphis Tennessee.

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