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Carhenge is another one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" Roadside Attractions - a beautifully done replica of Stonehenge, Americanized by using cars in place of massivly huge slabs of rock. While Alliance Nebraska originally poo-pooed the installation as a junkyard, once they figured out that people like me would travel great distances to wander around in slack-jawed awe, they jumped on the commercial bandwagon and now fully embrace this amazing installation.

From the area travel guide:


The Stone Age meets the Industrial Revolution just a few miles north of Alliance, where automobiles from the 1950s and 1960s are arranged in a design that replicates a ring of stones erected in southern England thousands of years before the birth of Christ.
Buried trunk-first, the bodies of the cars used in the structure rise from 15 to 18 feet above ground, some straight into the air, others at an angle faithful to the appearance of Stonehenge. For the sake of uniformity, all the cars used have been painted a primer grey.
Former Alliance resident Jim Reinders envisioned Carhenge and ultimately created it on the farm where he once lived. The site was dedicated on the summer solstice in 1987. The major stones of the Stonehenge creation are recreated with cars of approximately the same dimensions, following the solar orintation of the British stone circle.
The 10-acre area that is the site of Carhenge has grown to include other forms of car art, including sculptures of animals both modern and prehistoric, all crafted from automobile parts. For those inclined to prolong their visit there are also picnic tables and plenty of parking. Carhenge is open all year with no admission fee.


Carhenge Stats

For details about Carhange, visit the official Friends of Carhenge site.


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