World's Largest Frying Pan


Long Beach Washington

What a legend - originally, there just wasn't time to see this amazing thing, but thankfully plans change. I first saw an image of the World's Largest Frying Pan in connection with the Egg Day festivities in Winlock - they had imported the pan to fry up omelettes for the Egg Day crowd at the Farmers-Merchants Picnic on July 24, 1931, with a Gibson Girl standing in the pan, bacon strapped to her feet, holding a very large spatula.

That pan is no longer, the current Long Beach pan is a replica, but a darn good one. Although appearing to be cast iron, the replica is a very good fiberglass copy. It sits across the road from Marsh's Free Museum, home of Jake the Alligator Man. Also in the museum is a photo history of the frying pan, complete with tour photos from the 40s and 50s.

The strange shape adhered to the pan in most postcard shots is a Sqirting Clam. Not suprising, the  World's Largest Squirting Clam stands right next to the frying pan.



World's Largest Frying Pan Stats

From the postcard:
"World's Largest Frying Pan"
Built in 1941 for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Was used at the annual Clam Festival here. Big pan has travelled extensively in the Northwest to advertise the Long Beach Peninsula vacation area. It measures 14.6 from end of the handle, 9.6 feet across pan portion.


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