Benwah Dairy Milk Bottles


Spokane, Washington

The Benwah Milk Bottles are remnants of a great era of buildings reflecting their business - now, the two remaining Spokane milk bottles are used as an ice cream shop (appropriate) and the Democratic Party headquarters.

Arriving in Spokane, we noticed an awful lot of hubub - a plethora of cops, masses of people, and directed traffic. When we pulled up to the Chamber of Commerce to ask directions to the milk bottles and the other World's Largest Thing in the area, we found out that Pres. Bush was due to land in the next 1/2 hour just a block away. Luckily, we were on a non-political mission that took us in exactly the opposite directions, unwittingly taking advantages of the newly closed trafficways. (Insert editorial political rant here)

Unfortunately, I don't have any milk bottle snippetts besides the Chamber of Commerce lady saying she eats at the ice cream bottle as often as possible. Just down the street at the local favorite Corky's Drive In, you'll find a smokin' Thai burger, great shakes, and vintage video games that'll make your heart go pitter-patter. And, some good googie sineage to boot.



World's Largest Milk Bottle Stats

Top bottle is on the corner of Post and Garland, lower bottle located on Cedar Street - note state trooper on bridge...
Paul E. Newport built the first bottle in 1934. One-room store, wood frame structure covered with mesh and stuccl. 35 feet tall, 15 feet in diameter. Second bottle built in 1935, surfaced with sheet metal. Bottles were sold in 1972, one functioning as an antique shop, now again a dairy-based business, the other Democratic Headquarters. (from "The Well-Built Elephant")


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