World's Largest Radio Flyer Wagon


Spokane, Washington

Located in Spokane's Riverfront Park, this giant wagon is the work of artist Ken Spiering, commissioned by the Jr. League of Spokane. According to an article from Washington's Outer Limits, "... artist Ken Spiering's ideas for a bronze sculpture had dried up - he knew it the instant he drew a sketch of a child urinating in a pond.
So, after six weeks of struggling to devise the perfect piece of interactive public art, he gave in. He quit.
But just days before the submission deadline, Spiering had another vision. This time, the child was pulling a red wagon. That's it, he said to himself. A big red wagon. What could be a better symbol of childhood? He quickly devised a plan and submitted it. "
We arrived in the middle of George Dubbya's arrival in Spokane for a $1000/plate 'benefit' for a local politician, with the hubub just two blocks away from the lil' red wagon. Luckily, after swimming through waves of protesters and supporters, the wagon was being enjoyed in it's intended way - a hoard of kids sliding and running and yelling and enjoying life and a Really Big Wagon.



Radio Flyer Stats

Built in 1990, 26 tons of steel and reinforced concrete, 12-foot-high, 27-foot-long Radio Flyer Wagon. It can hold as many as 300 people. Spiering spent six to seven days a week for a year building the $36,000 sculpture, for which he received a $30,000 commission.


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