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World's Largest Things are a great way to indroduce a variety of concepts - geography, industry of an area (as represented by a giant 8-Ball in Tipton Missouri, or the World's Largest Bull in Audubon IA), advertising, and Outsider or Visionary Art.

You'll find many helpful resources here at World's Largest Things, including a list of What's Large Where, stories behind the 'Big Things', explanations of what a "Big Thing" is, links to Chamber of Commerce sites, and a Weekly What's Large Where column.

Below are two links to other lesson plans that augment this online resource: One from the National Park Service, teaching with places on the Historic Register, and one from a teacher using Roadside Attractions as a research and presentation project. Feel free to utilize these sources in an educational setting, and email your class results! You may even create some web pages that can be linked to the Educational section of this site!


Teaching with Historic Places

"Teaching with Historic Places - Roadside Attractions"

This lesson plan was developed by the National Park Service, looking at three World's Largest Things or Monuments listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Complete with images, objectives, readings, objectives, and even more resources it's a great way to collaborate with a Government entity.

"Roadside Attraction Flyer"

This lesson plan was developed by Canfield Middle School, using Roadside Attractions as a catalyst for exploration in a research-style project.


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