World's Largest Things -Iowa


And Other Roadside Attractions in the Hawkeye State

Iowa has a good solid core of World's Largest, mostly reflecting the industries of the area...

Civic Monuments:
 Strawberry, Strawberry Point
Albert the Bull, Audubon
Shaft of Wheat, Shelby
 Ball of Popcorn, Sac City
Dahla Horse, Albert City
Catfish, Crystal Lake
Pocahantas, Pocahantas

Manufacturing World World's Largest:
Grain Silos, Albert City

Advertising World's Largest:
Talking Happy Chef, Adair
 Rocking Chair, West Amana

Watertower Wonders:
 Swedish Coffee Pot, Stanton
Swedish Coffee Cup, Stanton

Tank Car, Creston

And, super bonus Iowa features, Iowa is the birthplace of John Wayne in Winterset, and the future birthplace of Captain Kirk in Riverside.


Iowa World's Largest Stats:

Total for the state: 13 -1


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