World's Largest Things -Oklahoma


And Other Roadside Attractions in the Sooner State

Being so close to Texas hasn't resulted in as many World's Largest as you might think for Oklahoma,but the ones they have are icons of America's Most Recognized Byway, Route 66.

Civic Monuments:
Peanut, Durant

Religous Monuments:
 Praying Hands, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa

Personal Obsessions resulting in World's Largest (both of these are 'Ducks', too...):
 Whale, Catoosa
 Totem Pole, Foyil

Advertising World's Largest:
Tube of Caulk, Oklahoma City
 Bottle of Hair Tonic, Tulsa

Whale Car Wash, Oklahoma City

Since a fair amount of Rt. 66 runs through the state, there's some great googie architecture, still in use! Don't miss the Lighter Mueseum in Guthrie, either...


Oklahoma World's Largest Stats:

Total for the state: 7


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