World's Largest Totem Pole


Kalama, Washington

The Kalama Chamber of Commerce proudly sports a totem pole icon, ans has a handy informative brochure illustrating the attractions of the Columbia River town of Kalama. Unfortunately, it completely skips over the totem pole itself, as well as the beautiful park its situated in. After finding a helpful convenience store clerk, we found our way to the World's Largest Totem Pole.

Unlike the Oklahoma   World's Largest Totem Pole(which is made out of concrete as a tourist attraction), this one is a genuine one-log carved totem pole. Background information was finally located in a brochure from Mt. St. Helens...

It's a great work, and deserves some mention in the city's brochure as well as at the park. There were no signs or plaques recognizing the artist of this beautiful monument.



World's Largest Totem Pole Stats

from Cowlitz County Deptmt. of Tourism brochure...

"The four totem poles feature mythical forms, symbols and creatures of Pacific Northwest Native American culture. The poles were carved in the early 1960s by native American artist and craftsman, the late Chief Don Lelooska. the tallest pole, at 140', was carved from a 700 year-old Western Red Cedar. Easily visible for miles, the totem poles give a sense of long-ago Native American lore and tradition to the beaches and recreation areas along the modern scenic Columbia River. Marine Park is a beutiful and relaxing family day-use facility and provides walking and picnicking adjacent to the historic Columbia River."


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