World's Largest Things -Missouri


And Other Roadside Attractions in the Show-Me State

Show Me....

Missouri's World's Largest!!

Formerly Useful World's Largest Turned Roadside Attraction:I
Inland Lighthouse, Hannibal

Civic Monuments:
 Goose, Sumner

Religous Momunents:
Praying Hands, Webb City

Personal Obsessions resulting in World's Largest:
Ball of String, Branson
Ball of Video Tape, Kansas City
Pair of Underpants, City Museum in St. Louis

Advertising World's Largest:
 Pecan, Brunswick
Set of Teeth, St. Louis
Bowling Pins, St. Louis
Vess Bottle, St. Louis

Watertower Wonders:
Baseball, Licking
 8 Ball, Tipton

 Gas Pump, King City
Ark, St. Charles

Shuttlecocks, Kansas City


Missouri World's Largest Stats:

Total for the state: 15


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