Mother Goose House


Hazard Kentucky

After a night in a Wigwam, what else to do but continue exploring Kentucky Ducks - that is, buildings shaped like things! So, off to Hazard Kentucky, to a 1937 Goose building. Upon driving around the twisting streets of Hazard, I realized this would not be an easily found site... So, counter to my instincts, I stopped in (what I thought was) a gas station (actually, a liquor store) to ask. Had a great conversation with a guy in a wheelchair, who gave directions (while the man behind the counter gave a different set) (and the guy with the 12 pack gave yet another) and then followed me out to the little truck.

As usual, a 10 minute stop turned into a 30 minute stop, which happens whenever I'm driving the Scout vehicle...

But, I found the goose. And whattagooSiam! It is still a residence, sitting alongside the road. I didn't go up and knock, but gathered snapshots as tourists do.

On the way back to the highway, I spotted an Art Car in the Wild: after stopping to take photos, a Sears delivery truck I'd been playing tag with through downtown an hour previously zoomed by and honked wildly - another friendly 'Howdy' from the good Kentucky folk...


Mother Goose Stats:

I'll post info from the Well Built Elephant here soon...

Thanks for looking!


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