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Newspapers LOVE the extended title of the World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum.

Many articles are archived here, some as new web pages, some as PDFs.


Sandmeyer, Lisa. “Nelson makes travel sized art: Mobile museum fetes roadside attractions
with its road show of world’s largest things”

Capital-Journal, Topeka KS, 22 Apr. 2007: p. B-1, 3.

Reprints of above article as distributed by Associated Press News Service:
“Mobile Museum takes show on road"
Lawrence Journal-World, KS, 14 May 2007.

“Mobile Museum: Lucas woman takes unique collection on the road”
Salina Journal, KS, 28 Jul. 2007: p. A1,7.

Demuth, Gary. “Custom Color: Students turn a donated car into a work of art
with their own designs and paint.”
Salina Journal, KS, 29 June 2007: p. A1-2.

Wade, Barc. “Travelogue: These strange, mysterious attractions baffle visitors”
New Horizons,Omaha, NE, Jan. 2007: p. 11, 14.


Mott, Teri. “Terrorism and our Tourism Treasures”
Wichita City Paper, KS, 14 Sept 2006: p. 1, 9-12.

Moore, B. “2006 Route 6 Art Car Tour visits Arapahoe”
Arapahoe Public Mirror, NE, 30 Aug. 2006: p. 1.

Stumpe, Deann. “Art Car Tour a Hit”
Hastings Tribune, NE, 24 Aug. 2006: p. A1, B-1.

Azcuy, Dior. “Colorful Cars”
Lincoln Journal Star, NE, 22 Aug. 2006: p. B-1.

Uhlembrock, Tom. “Kansas - the Land of Odd”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, MO, 11 June. 2006: p. T-1, 6.

Uhlembrock, Tom. “Grass-roots Art is made of Concrete and Pull-tabs”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, MO, 11 June. 2006: p. T-5.

Dorsey, Tom. “Art Cars Ready for Festival”
Salina Journal, KS, 6 June. 2006: p. A4.

Daniel, Jeff . “Billion Bubble Baby”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, MO, 21 Feb. 2006: p. E1, 5.

Rusch, Alan. “Nelson’s Art Focuses on Small”
Ellsworth County Independent Reporter, KS,30 Mar. 2006: p. B3.

Sherard, Judy. “Big Little Doings”
Hays Daily News, KS, 5 Feb. 2006: p C-1.

Demuth, Gary. “Area Artists Join Forces to Challenge Each Other in New, Creative Directions”
Salina Journal, KS, 29 Dec. 2006: p. D1-2.


Wedum, Mari. “Underlig Saert Annerledes”
Stavanger Aftenblad Stavenger Norway, 1 oktober 2005; p. 75.

Griffith, Bill. Zippy the Pinhead “Keep on Meta Truckin’”
subject of daily comic strip. Nationwide King Features Syndicate release, 19 August 2005.

Herrman, Tony. “Art car drivers paint town red: Tour makes successful stop in Downtown Hastings”
Hastings Tribune Hastings NE, 18 Aug. 2005: p. A1-A2.

Fowler, Gretchen. “Art cars roll into Hastings”
Grand Island Independent Grand Island NE, 18 Aug. 2005: pl 1A, 14A.

Johnson, Jenna. “Traffic jam ahead - no, make that an art gallery”
Sunday World-Herald Omaha NE, 14 Aug. 2005: 7B.

Schwitzer, Amy. "These cars run, but they can't hide"
Kearney Hub, 11 August 2005.

Rangan, Artika. “Collector takes small step toward the big time”
The News-Journal Wilmington DE, 15 April 2005: p. E1-E2.

“Little Things mean a lot to DCCA artist Erika Nelson”
The News-Journal Wilmington DE, 27 March 2005.

“The biggest and the smallest: Woman makes local stop with her unique collection”
The Edge, Edwardsville IL, 17 March 2005, Vol. 2 No. 27.

Jeff Daniel. Extremes, A Look at Life Outside the Norm
“It’s the biggest of the smallest of the largest - really”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis MO, 14 March 2005: p. C1.

Gehling, Becky.. “The biggest and the smallest: Unusual items displayed today in Collinsville”
Edwardsville Intelligencer Edwardsville IL, 9 March 2005: p. A1.

Gedda, Rebecca. “Collinsville’s big bottle hits the smalltime”
Collinsville Herald Journal Collinsville IL, 9 March 2005: p. A1, A3.

Blanke, Erin. “Nelson tours the United States” California Democrat California MO, 9 March 2005: p. 7.

Maddox, Teri. “No small feat: Brooks bottle is part of mini museum”
Belleville News-Democrat, Belleville IL 8 March 2005: p. C1, C3.

Sieloff , Alison “See Schnucks’ Giant Cart!“
Riverfront Times St. Louis MO, Vol. 29 No. 9, March 2005: p. 26.

Pitch Weekly March 3 2005

Graves, Shay. Giant Candyland Sweet Success
Hastings Tribune, Hastings NE, February 15, 2005: p. A1, A7.


Ripley’s Entertainment. “Erika Nelson of Lucas Kansas...”
cartoon feature nationwide syndicated cartoon release, 7 September 2004.

Graves, Shay. “Super Kool”
Hastings Tribune Hastings NE 18 August 2004: p. A1, A7.

Associated Press. “Hastings Fest Bids for Title of World’s Largest Kool-Aid Stand”
Nationwide Associated Press release, August 2004.

Palser, Amy. “Researcher to Certify Kool-Aid Stand as World’s Largest”
Hastings Tribune Hastings, NE 11 August 2004: p. A1, A7.

Kellam, David. “The Egg’s On the Bus!” Lewis County News Winlock, WA 30 June 2004: p. A1.


Watts, James D. Jr. “A Little Bit of BIG: Artist Examines how Young Cultures Celebrate by Supersizing It”
Tulsa World Tulsa, OK 22 June 2003: p. A3, H1, H5.

Watts, James D. Jr. “Living Arts exhibit plumbs the depths of the American Dream”
Tulsa World Tulsa, OK, 4 June 2003: p. D4.

“Domestic Art” Urban Tulsa Weekly Tulsa, OK 12-18 June 2003: p. 22.

Kingsburg Recorder March 19 2003


“In Brief: World’s Only Traveling Roadside Attraction ”
Society for Commercial Archaeology News, Bowling Green OH Winter 2002: p.6.

Demuth, Gary. “Artistic Nomad: Erika Nelson has interrupted her drive to re-create the world’s largest objects so she can help a Lucas art museum.”
The Salina Journal Salina, KS 23 Aug. 2002: p. D1.

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