World's Largest Things - Kansas


And Other Roadside Attractions in the Sunflower State

Kansas has a wide variety of World's Largest Things - covering all the categories...

Formerly Useful World's Largest Turned Roadside Attraction:
Electric Shovel, Big Brutus, West Mineral
Hand Dug Well, Greensburg
Second Largest Hand Dug Well, Seneca

Civic and Artistic Monuments:
Spur, Abilene
Van Gogh Painting, Goodland
Prairie Dog, Oakley
Souvenir Travel Plate, Lucas
Meat Cleaver, Topeka
Russian Egg, Topeka
Wren, Topeka

Personal Obsessions resulting in World's Largest:
Ball of Twine, Cawker City
Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things, Lucas

Naturally Occuring World's Largest:
Palasite Meteorite, Greensburg
Cow Hairball, Garden City

Manufacturing World World's Largest:
Tires, Topeka
Grain Elevator, Hutchinson

Advertising World's Largest:
Chimney Sweep (actually, a former Happy Chef...), McPherson

Teepee, Lawrence

And, super bonus Kansas features, Kansas is the home of both the Geographic and Geodetic Centers of the United States!


Kansas World's Largest Stats:

Total for the state: 18


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